A war without guns & tanks in corona’s shadow


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By Fred Saberi

To clarify today’s political events, we must take a deep look at developments over the past four decades. Following the collapse of the modern and pro-Western regime in Iran by the left-wing US Democrats, international politics has gradually swayed to political and economic immorality.

In the same way, China, since the time of Dang Xiaoping, the experienced leader of the Communist Party, has spread corruption and bribery in several countries and has taken over most of the world without directly interfering with their politics. That was the beginning of corrupt economy and immoral politics in modern and industrial societies.

China commenced with spreading corruption within the US left-wing Democrats. Many universities, research centers, and left-wing politicians were lead into corruption and bribery, which  resulted in a significant moral and economic decline in the seats of prestigious US universities such as Penn, Princeton, Colombia and Stanford. . . This was due to most of the country’s academic books were made in China. In addition, the agents of terrorist governments, such as the Islamic Republic, gained important positions in these universities, and more importantly, the path was opened in the US Congress for anti-Semitic Islamists. Ilhan Omar and Rashideh Talib are clear examples of how they can dictate their policies to Western society through them.

Looking at multinational companies, China, with its corrupt and systematic bribery, has also taken over them throughout the years. Obviously, during the Republican presidencies, an attempt was made to combat corruption and bribery. But, through influences in the other countries, China has always sought to gain more power in American society and oppose valued policy by putting pressure on the center of power – Washington. So much so that the Chinese went so far as to seize part of Hollywood and, with systematic corruption and bribery, dismantled filmmaking and produced non-fiction films, leading to Oscar-winning works from the Islamic Republic.

The same rule prevailed for news agencies and journalists. Debt-ridden, bankrupts, and corrupt news outlets and journalists, who were supposed to have principle of neutrality, seized the opportunity and took the world to the political-economic abyss by spreading lies and fake. Hence, the world we are facing today.

With the emergence of a new US government and valued politics, liberal nationalism, and slogan” America first”, it meant that the world must realise that the politicians are for serving the people. It was then that the corrupt policies and bribery behind the scenes of China and its allies, one after the other, exposed their anger.

This shows how extensive corruption and bribery have been, and that was why the President of the United States, by setting up fact-finding committees, has been able to reveal widespread corruption and imposed heavy customs duties on Chinese imports into the United States.

One of the Democrats’ outbursts over the past three-and-a-half years – with President Trump in the office- is because they have constantly thrown spanners in the works of the president, so he can’t expose Obama’s widespread corruption and bribery. Recently, President Trump has revealed the Obama administration’s $ 3.5 billion donation to Wuhan University in China, to put Democrats back in the ring.

The Islamic Republic’s bankrupt comrades in the United States have continuously created a false and meaningless conspiracy for the US government to stop informing the American people and the world so that they may be able to stop or deviate the national-liberal policies of the President and the Republicans, and they always failed.

China, through several corrupt allies such as the Islamic Republic outside the United States, is constantly trying to exert political pressure on the current US administration through the Democrats, to stop the US President from winning the next election. In the past few days, he has witnessed an attempt to lift the sanctions imposed on the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic.

In a letter to the US government, some Democrats in the United States and their supporters in Europe, along with Hassan Nasrallah and the Islamic Republic’s disgraceful lobbies, called for the lifting of these smart sanctions against the perpetrators of Iran’s devastation. Undoubtedly, behind these protests and repetitive and deviant correspondence, there is the systematic corruption and bribery of China, and these corrupt figures are hated more and more by the liberal nationalist public and politicians, who are with the people.

On the other hand, the European Union and most EU member states, along with the Democrats in the United States, state news agencies, and multinational corporations constantly leveraging the US government’s value-based policies, while Europe has her own deep crisis. EU member states have gone so far as to even close their borders to each other and not being able to send each other basic medical supplies such as respiratory masks or breathing equipment.

Subsequently, China has threatened, in the past few days, that if France does not respond positively to Huawei’s China G5 deal, China will not issue masks until collapse of Europe’s “political economy” goes deeper and deeper. Since the foundation of any country is the economy, if politics do not work properly, the economy will capsize. That is why the policy of listening to the short-term economy of Chinese globalization has led many politicians to a war without tanks and guns today.

However, the state-run media in some European countries have not stopped negative propaganda about the US government’s national-liberal value policies. This is mainly due to their economic influence, dependence, and ties to China, and China is like a wolf in the middle of the herd has wolfed some European countries.

Today, with the spread of the coronavirus, the greedy teeth of China have sharpened for European parent companies to buy their shares at a low price. In recent days, there has been a rumour that Chinese banks have bought European bonds, which are targeted by the Chinese economy and reflect the globalization of the world’s economic imperialists.

At the same time, the danger of collapse of the European Union is likely. The German government, as Europe’s leading economy and one of the EU’s main decision-makers, has raised doubts in recent days that EU citizens should live with the minimum wage, raising concerns among many European countries about the risk of internal insurgency.

China, which controls most of the Middle East’s economy and has effectively turned it into a wasteland for unhealthy goods, is out of control of World Health Organisation, and even its politicians are embroiled in China’s corruption and bribery and practically turned Iran into a colony with the help of mullahs.

Since the criminal regime in Iran is listening to China’s orders, whatever China orders, its comrades-in-arms in Iran immediately obeyed, using Iran as a link to transmit the coronavirus to the West. The think-tank of the corrupt Islamic Republic implemented the Chinese-Islamic model to overcome economic problems. It started from Kish Island as a free zone, and eventually the Chinese took full control of the region and even the fisheries sector, which, along with their smuggling comrades ended up looting resources and harming fisheries in Sothern regions of Iran.

The Islamic Republic, which has made Iran one of the most corrupt countries in the world at the United Nations, continues to be a pro China’s corrupt system at the United Nations. Europe does not provide the slightest support to the Iranian people, and it has consistently supported the terrorist Regime and its allies, and has acted as a staunch supporter of the Friday Prayer Tribune against the United States and Israel outside of Iran.

However, the world is changing. Naturally, fundamental changes will take place in order to establish a new world order. These changes have been key, and the world has moved toward liberal nationalism with the defeat of globalism, which, in addition to paying a heavy price for Europe and China, the criminal regime in Iran will have no place in and will inevitably fall.