Army of Jinn and Coronavirus in Mullahs’ Hallucination


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Iran Info 24– A Friday Imam Prayer in Qom, the epicenter of Iran’s Coronavirus, repeated Khamenei’s hallucination claiming the COVID-19 could be Jinn-made by enemies.

The Imam Hujjat al-Islam Ghavami emphasized that the Jinns could be involved in the disease and it’s not strange. The message was delivered by social media due to lockdown.

Previously, the Revolutionary Supreme Leader made a claim in his latest speech that the virus could be made by enemies with the Jinn’s cooperation.

As the Khamenei’s representative, the Hujjat al-Islam repeated the words which were made by his lord.

The number of victims who were killed/infected from the novel Coronavirus is far more than it is letting on. The disease cases are far more widespread than the official statistics indicate.