Hoax Reporter Thomas Erdbrink Trivializes the Seriousness of COVID-19 in Iran


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To all amateur showmen and whom it may concern,

In these difficult times that Iranians have been involved with the novel Corona Virus, which put millions of citizens at serious risk, thousands upon thousands were infected and hundreds died, the medical staff is having the campaign to protest against all disinformation, deception and undeclared the outbreak.

Now, however, the regime has never taken a performance action to put the broader outbreak under control as it has done in the past 41 years since it took power in 1979.

The citizens decided to impose self-organized QUARANTINE on the cities, where known as the epicenter of the virus, the ordinary farmers deployed tractors to disinfect streets, and mobilized vehicles to conduct region-to-region sterilization, and medical personnel is DEDICATEDLY working (24/7) with the least equipment.

So, the medical staff spontaneously launch the inspiring campaign to show that the citizens could rig out from what the regime does against them- even COVID-19.

They are not dancing for happiness, but rather protesting against all miseries they have undergone by the WESTERN-BACKED Islamic regime.

It is the value of dancing in improving mental health in these difficult times.

The “DWD” should be ashamed of itself for having Thomas Erdbrink working for them. The showman is a rude and terrible person.