Woman Suspected of Coronavirus Die in Tehran


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Iran Info 24– A 63-year-old woman who was suspected of having coronavirus died in Tehran on Monday, February 11, 2020.

The middle-aged woman died in one of Iran’s capital hospitals for alleged coronavirus infected, reported state-run Khabar Online.

According to preliminary investigations and reports by the hospital’s medical staff, it is possible that the woman was suffering from coronavirus.

As a result, the body was transferred to the forensic for more investigation.

Specialists began research on the case, added the agency.

Previously, Iran’s health asked Rouhani’s administration to ban entry of those people who come from China, Dr. Saeed Namaki tweeted on Friday.

“In a letter to Vice-President (Eshagh) Jahangiri I urged the government to ban travelers from China, whether by sea, land or air. Also, Iran’s ports are on full alert and ready to confront the coronavirus,” Namaki tweeted.

However, flights have been made to China and vice versa, despite the Minister’s request.

At least 1,000 people have died since the time of coronavirus outbreak.

On Monday, some 103 died in Hubei province alone, a daily record, and the national death toll is now 1,016 in China.