The Islamic Regime of Iran Calling France Black

The regime that has massacred more than 1500 people in less than a week tells others to stop violence.


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Iran Info 24– Islamic regime asked French governments to avoid violence against popular uprising in France.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic regime, which is known for its brutal oppressing system in the world, posted a video [credited by Russia Today] urging French administration to abstain from obvious violence and respect the rights of protesters.

French citizens have taken to streets in the country for two years to protest against increasing fuel prices and tax.

This is exactly the reason why the Iranians are protesting against the government: Fuel prices, inflation, unemployment, poverty, corruption in the state, embezzlement, and bribery.

Late 2019, Iran faces a series of civil protests occurring nationwide across the country, initially caused by 300% increase in fuel prices.

At least 1500 civilians were directly shot or beaten to death, and more than thousands were arrested during the nationwide protests.

This is the regime which asks France to avoid violence against French people.

Reported by Iran Info 24 editorial board.