Islamic Regime Takes Final Steps to Breach Nuclear Deal


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Iran Info 24– ‘Iran is scheduling final and effective steps to breach all its nuclear obligations’, says the foreign ministry spokesperson, Abbas Mousavi.

Currently, IRI adheres only to the oversight parts of the nuclear deal, and has stopped fulfilling other obligations, according to the official.

The Khomeinist regime cut all commitment over the nuclear deal as the final step, official media reported on Sunday, January 5, 2020.

The Islamic Republic no longer has any restrictions on increasing the number of centrifuges, said the propagandist minister, said the liar in chief, Mohammad Javad Zarif, earlier January.

Iran’s Next Step Depends on American Behavior: Defense Minister

“If Iran nuclear issue referred to the United Nations Security Council, Tehran will quit NPT, threatened the propagandist minister, Zarif.

Reported by Iran Info 24 editorial board.