Ouroboros Khomeinist Regime Eats Itself

Nepotist Regime In Iran Jumps to Eliminate its Moderate Comrades as the Speaker Larijani Allegedly Comes Out against Disqualifications of MPs. The deteriorating regime peels itself for some desperate craving.


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Iran Info 24– The Islamic Parliament speaker, Ali Larijani comes out in objection to disqualifications of current MPs for upcoming election.

In response to the Islamic Guardian Council speaker’s remarks, the conservative politician Larijani said no one rejected for the alleged economic corruption.

“Of course there are representatives, who have committed economic crime, but the disqualifications were not for the reason,” emphasized the Islamic house speaker.

“The content of letters which were reportedly sent to MPs proves that there’s another reason to reject the current MPs for upcoming election, not economic corruption.

Previously, the Islamic Guardian Council spokesperson, Abbassali Kadkhodaei claimed that some MPs have been disqualified for economic and moral corruption and alleged disloyalty to the regime- which rejected by another senior official.

Earlier the past week, the Islamic Guardian Council announced that it disqualified at least 90 of current MPs at the Islamic Consultative Assembly for the upcoming parliament election.

Specialists on Iran issues say the move is part of the Khomeinist campaign to bring the regime into more uniformity.

“The leaders seek more seats for hardliners at the parliament, a reliable source from the regime told Iran Info 24, in a condition of anonymity.

Nepotist Regime In Iran Jumps to Eliminate its Moderate Comrades

“The only differences between hardliners and moderates/reformists are the length of their beard and the color of their Turbans,” an Iranian dissident said.

” He emphasized that the statistics speak.”



Reported by Iran Info 24 editorial board.