Mullahs Continue to Breach Nuclear Deal


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Iran Info 24– An important news relating to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will be announced tonight, said Abbas Mousavi, the spokesperson for Khomeinist foreign affairs.

The Islamic regime has scheduled actions to breach the JPCOA as the fifth step that the plan would be discussed tonight, noted the spokesperson.

The summit will overshadow pre-designed programs, stated Mousavi.

In politics, he said, “all phenomena are interrelated”, he added.

War Is Unpredictable: Khomeinist Official

“I think what happens tonight and the decision that is made will determine what regime policy would be”, declared the official.

Britain, France, and Germany have warned Iran against any further breaches of the international nuclear deal signed in 2015, the BBC has learnt in September of 2019.

Russia also expressed concern over breaching nuclear deal by Tehran.

Reported by Iran Info 24 editorial board.