Islamic Revolution Supreme Council Issues Resolution against Iranian Culture

We do not want our children to grow up with Jihadist-Islamic thoughts.


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Iran Info 24– Islamic Revolution Supreme Council issued a resolution in which the ministry of education forcibly selects clerics as its recruits, up to 10%.

The resolution was approved by the Council of the Islamic Cultural Revolution Council, which is currently in its final stages, Mehr News quoted the chief of women’s seminary.

The Khomeinist regime takes its latest steps to Islamize the territory of Persia.

“The regime plans to poison the new generation’s minds as it uses media and educational system for its medieval goals”, an Iranian academician told Iran Info 24.

“There is nothing worse than poisoning our children’s minds by Islamic contents. We do not want our children to grow up with Jihadist-Islamic thoughts”, she continued.

She, initial M, whose identity is unknown for security purposes, said: “wherever Islam has gone, terrorism, rape, assassination, slaveholding, and difficulties have expanded.”

She added that our fight will continue to revive Iranian wealthy civilization.

Reporting by Iran Info 24 editorial board