Iran Protests Head to Regime Change

Although the tyrants led Iranians into the swamp, they never succeeded in making people sink.


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Iran Info 24– Since the Khomeinist regime took power in Iran, it builds its policy-making system on lies, falsification, and deceit. It gradually institutionalized itself based on the method following Ayatollah’s unkept promises such as free electricity, water supplies, and even free transportation and bus services for all Iranians. Additionally, the share of the country’s oil revenues every month was promised to the revolutionaries.

And even beyond it, the chief in evils promises to respect all political parties and freedom of expression. The Ayatollah promised women would be free to determine their fate, the right that was previously consolidated in Shah’s era.

Then after he came to power, freedom became more limited than ever, and the revolutionaries choked on the voice of dissidents and finally shut down the independent and non-governmental newspapers.

Not only the promises were unkept, but the regime also committed massacres by sending dissidents to the firing squad.

The commodities bundles get smaller day by day. And any anti-regime protests are being suppressed.

The homeless Iranians are living in open graves outside the metropolitan areas. Plenty of people who live under the poverty line turn to prostitution as a means to cover financial costs, most girls active in the big cities sex trade are high-school age- as prostitution is a burgeoning difficulty in major Iranian metropolitans.

Children without childhood, the grim reality of Iran child laborers, is another evil gift by Ayatollah.

Although the tyrants led Iranians into the swamp, they never succeeded in making people sink.

The regime increased gas prices by 300% in mid-November that Iranians took the opportunity to gig the entire Kleptocracy. Not long after, the Islamic security system shut down the internet and communication services across the country to hide the accurate scale of the government’s brutal crackdown.

Iranians took to the streets as a nationwide protest, which estimated at least 110 cities involved. Much more significant and more influential than what happened in 2017–18 Iranian protests. Protesters shut out anti-regime slogans such as “death to dictator,” and praising the Pahlavi Dynasty founder: “Reza Shah God Bless Your Soul”

According to the reports, even upper-class northern neighborhoods of metropolitans are experiencing anti-regime demonstrations, indicating it is not merely a revolt of the “downtrodden.” All sectors of Iranian society have reason to fight against Khamenei’s despotic regime.

Videos have begun emerging of Iran’s brutal crackdown on citizens after the internet was restored following a week-long regime-imposed blackout. More than 200 protesters were left dead (more than 350 according to unconfirmed reports), thousands arrested by reports, and additionally, at least 3000 people were captured.

What remains to be seen is if this latest unrest will cause a significant movement in Iran, and Iranians may be using their own force to bring real change.

Reporting by Iran Info 24 editorial board