Iran’ Morality Police’ Closes Pet Shops in Tehran

Photo Credit by Persian BBC.

Iran Info 24- Iran’s Morality Police attempted to close shops in Tehran whose stuffs provided for pet. The Morality Police issued a warrant for those shops that provide foodstuffs and pet-related products in the capital of Iran.

Previously, the Tehran Guild Chamber chief asked the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade to revoke permission of pet-shops in the city. 

According to the news, the shop owners have been imposed deadline for ten days to unload foodstuffs and perishable material.

The ministry has formally banned the import of cat and dog food, besides 142 other categories of products.

The odd decision has been allegedly formed to balance foreign exchange reserves in Iran.

Iran’s regime also has banned dog-walking in the capital city of Tehran, in an attempt to discourage people from owning pets.

However, the regime funds billions of dollars for the malicious activities in the region, and its proxies, as at the same time, it turns a blind eye to its citizens, the nation, nature, and all creatures live in the country.