Iran’s 14 terrorist training camps preparing to strike West EXPOSED

CAMPS: Tehran is feared to use these terrorist facilities to train 'proxies' (Pic: GETTY)

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گزارش به فارسی

Iranian opposition activists have revealed what they believe is a network of training camps run by Tehran.

It is suspected these military bases are used by the so-called Quds Force, which is  watched over by the powerful Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Tehran is feared to use these terrorist camps to train “proxies” to launch operations deep into Europe and in the US.

It comes as tensions flare in the Middle East as the dissolution of the so-called nuclear deal has paved the way for a new tanker war in the Strait of Hormuz.Iranian opposition explained the headquarters of these forces in the Imam Ali military base.Iranian opposition claimed opposition activists have traced the so-called Quds Force Training Directorate – which is codenamed “12,000” in internal communications in Iran.

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